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grasshopper infestation

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Jun. 29th, 2007 | 07:20 pm

i started a new job today. i am a BA, a beauty advisor. that's right. pretty fucking sweet. my managers name is rosalie and she reminds me of my grandma.

i stopped going to the gym cuz i put air in my bike tires so i just ride to work and back and get all sweaty. yes

so i move back into the dorms sometime during the first week of august and say goodbye to my current love who is moving to florida. maybe i'll see him on christmas. maybe not. should be fun.

this apartment is so ghetto cool. someday i'm gonna look back and miss the stupid cowboy painting above my dresser. and the grasshopper infestation. and the port-a-shower. and the way the whole house slants southward, and the strip club music from next door and the two ryans that work at the guitar shop, and the couple next door's fights, and the weeds around the perimeter of the house that joe (with the 6-foot bike) trims before every first friday. i wanted to make a list of everything so that i wouldn't forget. i want to remember.

it's 7:42, the automatic light just came on. we went to target and installed it after the bum incident.

i'm reading a really intense book right now by tom robbins called another roadside attraction.

i'm thinking of dying my hair since i can get it done for frizzle. suggestions welome.

welcome by coltrane sounds like happy birthday

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